Let's put it to you bluntly, if we kindly may:

IF YOU DO want to enjoy our contract-protected offers, videos, audios, translations, articles, pure-Silver backed value-for-value private bartering, specialty skill-sets, organic-purity fertile soil, heritage non-GMO plant-starts, productive small livestock, ranchgear, equipment, alt-energy, architecture design-patterns, helpful inventions, systems software / hardware / degoogled-platform alt-apps, music, dance, textiles, hippest nature-clothing and footwear on the planet, scrumptious ferment-and-snack rejuvenation recipes for body and soul, key epigenome nutrients... and MUCH, MUCH MORE!... - THEN PLEASE SERIOUSLY CONSIDER:
/ Qtr. , or even a "Seller"-level pass ($30+)
NO "telephone number" is required to join, and so, you're either TOTALLY WITH US or "permanently without us" on something like THIS, here!...

Get As Much Access As You Decide...

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